Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You know you’re a cat person when:

You call the loo the “tray"
You don’t feel dressed without a fine layer of cat hair
You treat fur in your food as extra fiber
You say “sorry” when you tread on a cat toy in the dark
You pat the sofa beside you when you invite a guest to sit down
You sleep clinging to the edge of the bed because your cat looks sooo sweet spread-eagled across the middle
You absent-mindedly put your child’s dinner plate on the floor
You spent more on cat toys than kids’ toys at Christmas
Your neighbors refer to you as “the mad one with all the cats”
You carry more photos of your cats than of your kids
You keep calling your partner “smokey”
You’ll only be friends with people if your cat likes them
You watch rubbish on TV because Smokey is slumbering on the remote
Your cat sleeps on your head. And you like it.
When people ring you, you insist they have a little chat with your cat as well
When there’s a new visitor, you introduce them to your cats by name
You lay a place for your cat at the table, or on the table
Your answering machine message ends with a “miaow”
Your partner says “it’s me or the cat” and you don’t hesitate…

From the book "Everything Cats Expect you to Know" by Elizabeth Martyn

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