Monday, April 6, 2009

Bandit update

Bandit: Up close and personal

Anna, who adopted Bandit in her home and heart, emailed this delightful report: Bandit's first week with her.

As soon as I got him (April 15), I rushed to my vet (VETS IN PRACTICE, Mandaluyong) to have him checked out. Dr. Nick cut his nails, gave him his second shot, and cleaned his ears -- Bandit bawled over this. Then I went to Rustan’s in Rockwell to buy his food and milk.

I had no hesitation about bringing him home. I know my four other cats wouldn’t mind; however, I was surprised by the reaction of my youngest cat (Pepper), who was kind of angry because he’s used to being the baby. On the other hand, it was awesome to see my three dogs quickly adapting to Bandit. They hovered over him and licked his face most of the night and the following day. With all the spittle of affection, Bandit looked like a drowned rat!

He now knows how to climb on my bed, which is really high. He lies beside me and purrs while the air-con is on him; he rubs his face on the pillows and on my sleeve. He takes a flying leap off the bed to chase the tail of Phoebe (seal point Ragdoll and mother to all.) He romps around the house as if he’s been here all his life.

He wakes up at 5 a.m. to eat. He likes milk. Then he proceeds to the litter box to deposit tiny yellow submarines. He plays outside with the other dogs (No Fear!) in the backyard -- under supervision, of course. He has discovered the birds and butterflies.

I do a lot of cross-stitching; once he stole several of my threads and ran away with them, leading to a chase in which the other cats joined in. Jack, the cocker spaniel, followed. Jack has grown up with the cats, so he’s like a baby, too, all 19 kilos of him! He eats on the same plate as the big cats. He also likes boiled salmon, which Bandit prefers to chicken.

I’ll attach pictures of Bandit as soon as I’ve downloaded them so you can see his progress. By the way, his weight is 1.2 lbs (as of Friday. March 20).

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