Thursday, April 30, 2009

Masters of Slumber

Chester in Slumberland

No one knows the art of sleeping like cats. And they should, since they spend 12 to 16 hours a day slumbering away.

Felines are pros when it comes to finding t
he perfect place to curl up. When it’s hot, they will find a cool spot to get some zzzzz's. And when temperatures drop, they instinctively know where to find a warm spot – under a quilt, on your head, on your stomach.

Cats are not nocturnal creatures, the
y are crepuscular -- meaning they’re most active at dawn and dusk. This explains why your furball will start making a racket just before sunrise. Of course, he wants you to wake up for a little play and gives a little hint, like nipping at your nose.

My lovely Pinky is no different. She will gamely massage me to sleep (she has mastered the art of kneading my tummy). But a
t the darkest hour before dawn, she will stir things up a bit by jumping from her window perch onto the bed. Which is unfair, considering that I tiptoe around when she’s in dreamland. Oh, well.

Pinky preparing for bed

Band of Masters


  1. I have 4 cats in Italy and 1 black one in Romania

    love them

  2. Hi! thanks for visiting my site :) hope i can see your kitties also