Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am blowing at the single, wonderful candle (it lies about my age ^_^) so we can get at the cake. At the foreground is the handsome hairless hubby with my sister Hilda, obviously trying to feed him a cell phone so he won't mess with the cake. At right are brukekek Irene and Jefzy, their smiles saying, "At last! Humanda kang cake ka."

My birthday -- April 21 -- seems to have interesting if not harmonious balance: I share celebration with Queen Elizabeth II and... *ehermm!* ... Adolph Hitler. I'm sure there are millions more of Taureans who share the eccentric day with me. It's like an electric dream. Yeah!

Close-up of the cake before it was attacked by guests, siblings and nephews and nieces. Photo below the cake shows Eric, the one who brought it. As a reward he gets to sing. To paraphrase Simon Cowell: "You were born to sing ... somewhere in this wide universe."

Part of the horde who attended the celebration. Relatives and friends are always a blessing, especially if they bring gifts. They gladly posed despite their rumbling stomachs. They scrambled to table right after this photo shoot.

Foreground is Quennie, obviously well-fed, and Irene Scissorhands joyfully showing how many pieces of cakes she devoured. Standing behind them is good friend Peping, perhaps thinking: "Ang lakas ngang kumain!"

Above is sister Hilda crooning courageously. Accompaniment provided by Chester at his scratching post, keeping time with the tune. The videoke gave them a high five.

My favorite niece Kata cuddling Robin during a break at the eating and drinking session. She's smiling because she ate all the blue rose icings from the cake.

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  1. ei... i know na pano mag comment.. hahahahirap itech...

    yah.. those flowers are yummy.. :)

    and i love robin more now...

    mwah... x0x0

    take care...

    (i look cute there) haha